Nocturnal Musicians


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Tango Piano by Glover Gill


Glover Gill

This is what he does…..

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Lone Survivor

Lone SurvivorI couldn’t put the book down.  Actually, I read it all in one day which I rarely can do.  They’ve made a movie of it, but read the book first.  It’s an intense story of the Navy SEAL team dropped into Afghanistan to take out a terrorist but ends up being a survival story, a cultural story about the Afghan tribes and a suspense filled story of a patriot describing his devotion to his team mates as well as his country.  What a story it is!

I downloaded it free from our local library but here’s the Amazon link too:

Lone Survivor

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Avid Cyclist


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Texas BBQ


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Burlesque Show


This banner was hanging in the back room of The Continental Club in Austin, Texas.  It reminded me of my young days living in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio.  I suppose I was about 12 or 13 years old back then.  My buddy and I used to take the city bus downtown and spend the entire day exploring all that Cleveland had to offer – dusty magic shops, musty book stores and magazine shops, record shops where you could listen to a 45rpm record in the sound booth before you bought it…. and the tempting, seedy Roxy Burlesque Theater.

Kids weren’t allowed in there obviously, but we were allowed to go into the gift store where there was an abundance of black and white post cards of sexy, plump, European-looking women with g-strings and pasties.  There were racks of post cards plus a couple of glass counters that had decks of cards, ash trays, lighters and a couple other long, rectangular packages with red hearts on them that guaranteed women would love whatever was inside of it.

There was a heavy red curtain covering the theater entrance door that we never got to peek behind, but we tried.  Rumor had it that creepy old men go in there and you would NOT want to sit near them if you did ever get in.  We’d usually hang out there for 5 minutes or so until the manager chased us out, figuring we were about to steal something.

I never got to go when I was old enough to get in either.  They’d closed it down by then.  It’s probably better that way.  Our imagination most likely provided us with better dreams than the actual show.


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