The Music In Me


Music. It flows in me. It flows all around me. It flows through me.

There isn’t a genre of music that I don’t like. I have favorites, of course, but music is my lifeblood.  It heals. It unites. It transports. It defines.

Music is in me.

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Tuning Up

Mr. Roger Valentine

Mr. Roger Valentine

Once a month, the Houston Blues Society hosts a Blues Jam Night at The Big Easy Social Club.  Texas Blues are still alive and doing very well.

Lots of local musicians stop in to play a few songs.  Some come with their full bands. Some come by themselves and join in one of the jam sessions.

I caught this picture of Mr. Roger Valentine tuning up before joining the band inside. Shot with my iPhone5 and edited in Photoshop.

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FujiFilm Global Photo Walk

12049179_10208147041139953_6775183587938483012_nYesterday, September 26th,  I participated in the FujiFilm Global Photo Walk sponsored by the Sugar Land Photography Group. About 20 of us showed up for 2+ hours of shooting street photography around Towne Square which turned out to be a whole lot of fun. I’ll be entering these shots as part of the worldwide event.

 ‪#‎500pxGPW15 SugarLand‬  ‪#‎500pxGPW15‬


SGRSelfee SGRKids



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Carbing Up My Glute’s

Green chili queso and chips from Torchy’s Tacos 

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Stalking Her Prey Final

Our quest is noble.  Our hearts are pure.

Or perhaps we were merely deceived.


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La Milonga


A milonga is a tango dance event or gathering.

I wanted to create an image that would remind me of a milonga I recently attended in Austin, Texas called YoLaTango.  The main image used above was taken at about 2:00 AM on a Saturday night (rather, a Sunday morning).  It was a formal dress night – suits and ties with dresses and gowns for the ladies.

Warm, romantic and sensual, dancing tango is as intoxicating as a bottle of fine Malbec wine.

This composition used mainly my iPhone pictures.  Taken at the Scottish Rite Theater in Austin, Texas. Credit given for the pictured dancers (Liz and Yannick Vanhove), the lady upper right (Ira) and for the two texture layers I used in Photoshop (FoxeySquirrel and Hallucination by Walker)

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Julie'sEyes WEBI was commissioned to do some photography and design work for Julie, a friend of mine. Our goal in the photo shoot was to capture several different looks and moods that she could use for her counseling business.

I often find myself setting up lights or fixing myself in one place that I’d like to shoot, then clicking away from that same vantage point, having the model move for various face angles as well as different expressions.

In this case, I decided to take the camera off of the tripod and move myself around Julie.  Sometimes, just changing perspective can reveal all kinds of nice surprises.  In this case, Julie’s beautiful eyes just shine in this finished shot.

We used this shot as faint line drawing as part of the background for the main subject. But it was such a great shot in full color that I just had to deliver it to her too.  She loved it and gave permission for me to post it.

Lucky us!

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