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Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills

“Beverly Hills”

I had a chance to include one of the classic luxury cars that I photographed that are on display at the Museum of Fine Art Houston in this composition. Its a throwback to Hollywood in the 1930s and it fit perfectly with the look that the beautiful Liliya was giving with her silver scarf.

Shot with my Nikon D750 and edited in Photoshop. I includes additional content from the awesome digital artist Anna Aspnes.

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Liliya No. 2

Liliya Kasatkina-3925Retouched

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Mona Liliya


Model: Liliya.

Nikon D750. Available light.

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Xavier Garza

Xavier Zuniga Garza. Artist. Barista.

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Model: Camilla.
Additional content from Caroline Julia Moore, Global Water Partnership and Zoltán Vörös.

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One Year of Photo Artistry

1 Year AwakeOne year ago, I took the plunge.

I signed up for the original Photoshop Artistry course then went on to join the advanced AWAKE photo artistry group last summer. That course totally changed photography for me. It’s blown the walls off of everything and opened the doors for unlimited creativity. This has been one of the most exciting years of my life. Its been the most important artistic decision I’ve ever made.

What I’ve enjoyed the most is of course, is mastering the Adobe Photoshop software but what makes this course stand out is that Sebastian Michaels, the founder, is a artist mentor.  He helps me/us define what it means for me to live the artistic life by giving core principles, pressing us to journal and write about where we want to go and how we plan to get there.  He’s not just an instructor on how to use the software.  Sebastian has led an entire community of advancing artists to define and achieve their goals, to use their imagination and to make art that we could have only dreamed of making.

Since beginning the course, I’ve had my work on display in a gallery – my first showing ever!- been published in the Photo-artistic life magazine and begun to sell my work and my art.  I could never have thought I’d be advancing like I have this year.  It truly has transformed me.  I am so full of excitement and joy. I can’t wait to work on my next project or snap my next picture or open up Photoshop and begin creating.

But this is merely the beginning. And that’s the most exciting thing of all!

Here’s the link for the original course.  The AWAKE course is offered by invitation for those working successfully through the original course.  Give it a try!

Photoshop Artistry Course


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