Cutting For Stone

Cutting For Stone

“Cutting For Stone”
My Master Bathroom remodel is almost done. The new countertops were installed yesterday. I’ve had some very talented folks on the job – like my granite (rather, quartz) fabricator here.
Taken with iPhone5.
Additional digital content by Anja De Dobbelaere and Studio Maya.
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Shot with Nikon D750. Model: Stephanie Landrum Vaughan
Additional content from Teddi Rutschman and Caroline Julia Moore.
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Anita O’Day

I watched a really good DVD last night – a documentary film on the 1958 Newport Jazz festival with Thelonious Monk, Dinah Washington, Chuck Berry, Louis Armstrong…all kinds of folks but one that really stuck out for me was Anita O’Day. While researching her career, I came across this video which is departure from her West Coast cool school of jazz and shows a fun performance with the Gene Krupa band that really helped her attain fame and recognition. From the early 1940’s, here’s Anita and some big band swing:
Boogie Ride

And a clip from the festival that made me like her in the first place:

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Where Did Our Love Go, Farm Boy?

Ruth_Where Did Our Love Go, FarmBoy

I decided to do something fun and silly as as part of a photo challenge group that I’m in. We had to use the bucket and the sky somewhere in the composition. It was fun to just play a little bit.

“Where Did Our Love Go, Farm Boy?’

Model: Ruth S McCleskey
Additional content from FoxeySquirrel and ruby blossom.

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Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

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A Time To Keep And A Time To Throw Away

A Time To Keep And A Time To Throw Away
My photography. Model: Sara. Additional content from Teddi Rutschman, Kim Klassen, Katie Pertiet and Anna Aspnes.
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El Abrazo Cerrado (The Close Embrace)

El Abrazo Cerrado

Tango is such an amazing dance.  Becoming proficient takes a long, long time.  Its a real ego buster for a guy – trying to learn tango.

Tango requires the leader to project where he would like the follower to go even before he takes a step. Its a torso centered kind of thing.  It requires use of the arms in the embrace, the shoulders and the legs and feet obviously, but the drive and invitation all derive from the center of the torso – near the solar plexus or breast plate.  It takes quite a while to learn to do that.  Add to that, a few tango dance movements to keep the dance advancing around the dance floor. Add some other dancers in your way and, well, let me tell you, its just plain old hard.  I’ve seen many a frustrated look on the lady I just danced with while she suffered through my trying to figure it all out.

However, when the fella gets the hang of it, there is nothing – nothing in the world of dance like it.  Two people, in a close embrace, in a ‘hug’ embrace – pressed together, moving, holding each other and ultimately dancing and improvising to exactly what the music is offering.  Put that all together and you’ll understand why very few people are able to dance tango but also, you’ll understand why they love it.

While dancing tango, I typically watch the dance floor for other dancers and openings where I can add some nice moves, like ochos, paradas or molinetes. Every now and then, I  glance down at my partner.  Most often, the ladies dance with their eyes either closed or  watching the man’s chest or floor.  When I look down, these are the kinds of things I see.  A beautiful lady, a face that’s focused on the interaction between us and occasionally a slight grin of delight.

This is what I see in my Close Embrace.

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