Gemini Couture


Thank you to my wonderful model Victoria, as well as Jen Maddocks, Foxey Squirrel and Katie Pertiet for their fabulous textures and art contributions in this composition.

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My Heart, My Life, My Everything


This composition was for an assignment to portray a sense of loss.  The images and verse are my own.

Isn’t love a bitter pill at times? To love is to soar.  To love is to ache.

We choose to love anyway.

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Historical Throwback Thursday


Here’s a historical throwback for Thursday.

This is a photo of my grandfather, Earl F. Brodd (right, standing next to fuselage) from about 1920. He was a flight instructor during World War I. After the war, he and his student, Rusty Campbell (in the middle), started the Cambridge, Illinois airport.

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Arriving G6

Arriving G6

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Time To Boogie


Kids on boogie boards in Galveston, Texas

Kids on boogie boards in Galveston, Texas


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A Dream Caused By….

Ira and The Bee

Ira and The Bee

A few months ago, I had a photo session with Ira. Towards the end of the shoot, we did a couple of shots where she leaned back on a stool and got into sort of a Tango position.  It was just a playful ending to a fun afternoon of photos.  That shot has stuck in my mind as I tried to figure out how I could use it.

Taking inspiration from one of my favorite painters, Salvador Dalí, I set to work to see what I could come up with. It turns out that Dalí is one of her favorites too.  What better way to learn new Photoshop techniques than to work up something that was inspired by Dalí.

When studying famous artists, I find that inspecting the elements really helps understand Dalí’s composition, surrealism and color themes.  In this composition, I referred to “Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening”.   When I was a kid growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, I used to ride the bus downtown to the art museum where a very nice collection of Dalí paintings resided.  They’re now in a permanent collection in Tampa, Florida. He’s been my inspiration for many years.

I started with an extraction of Ira, the elephant, the pomegranate and the bee as well as the famous pocket watch. I placed them on a photo background I’d taken last year in Moab, Utah.  I used the ‘Liquify’ tool to stretch the elephant’s legs.  I then tied the image together with some color layers reminiscent of Dali’s landscapes.

Copying someone else’s style is risky.  I realize how inadequate and infantile I feel trying to emulate a master. However, I learned how to fold a pocket watch, how to bring in the ‘bizarre’, the absurd and the unexpected. I learned how to imagine what can be included and what should not. I learned that it’s better to try than to snuff my imagination with doubts.  Therefore, I give all the credit to Dalí the Master and I’ll take away a valuable instructional lesson from one of my mentors. Without shame then, I proudly post this image as I take another step in my photo-artistic development.

Thank you, Ira too, for coming out to play one rainy afternoon in front of my camera.

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One Life Is Given

OneLifeIsGivenI used my freshly caught salmon from Washington State as the focus of this composition.

All images and words are my own.
Texture AWAKE Content 8 by Foxey Squirrel
Texture AWAKE Content CJMFervent28


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