She Shell


Its easy to talk myself into not doing something.

I have thoughts that run around in my head that say “you’re not good enough”, “at your age?”or “it’s going to be an impossible task”.  That’s followed by “you’re gonna fail”, “you’re going to embarrass yourself” and “who do you think you are?”

But I also hear another voice that shouts back, “Yes, you can do it!” and “Just try” and “Don’t stop – Keep going!”

Often I don’t know exactly where I’ll end up or what will happen along the path, but I’ve found that what happens to me over and over again is this:  If I just start, wonderful things do happen.

In this case, it started about two weeks ago when I asked Caren if she would do some photography with me.  I didn’t really know her that well.  I didn’t know exactly what we’d do if she agreed.  But she said yes and the rest just unfolded for us, resulting in some of the best pictures I’ve ever taken.

Saturday, I took one of those pictures and by Sunday night, I had this image.

Just start. Wonderful things will happen.

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Dance In Colors

with dancer Caren Flanagan

with dancer Caren Flanagan

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Sorry But This Is A Private Party

SorryButThisIsAPrivateParty“Sorry But This Is A Private Party”

I started with a “storybook” theme (with a possible fairy tale to follow) and used a photo of Caren from my recent shoot.  Originally, it looked like she was shrieking from seeing a mouse or something.  When I brought in the sheep picture, I got kind of tickled from the look on it’s face – like, ‘you’re not welcome here’.  So that’s what I went with – like someone has tried to crash a private party and is being turned away.

Needless to say, this was a delightful project to work on.

Credits to the amazing extraction pieces by FoxeySquirrel/Teddi Rutschman . Also Caroline Julia Moore, DeviantArt and AWAKE content.

Model: Caren Flanagan

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Dance Because You Have To

- with dancer Caren Flannigan

– with dancer Caren Flanagan

I’ve got this thing for graffiti.  I love it.

I don’t care whether it’s on train cars or on city walls, I always stop to appreciate it.  A couple of weeks ago, I found an amazing wall on the side of a building in a sketchy part of Houston.  Occasionally, a homeless person passed by, plus it was next to a construction site. Challenging to say the least.

I asked my friend Caren if she’d be interested in doing some dance shots in front of this wall and gave her a heads up on possible safety concerns.  If there was any threat or risk, we’d leave immediately.  She was game – ready and willing so we scheduled a shoot for this week. We were never bothered by anyone, but at least we had an exit plan.

It turns out that this wall is constantly being re-tagged by various street artists.    Within those few days prior to the shoot, the wall that I had in mind was completely repainted and three new artists had put up entirely new art.  Was our shoot ruined?

We headed out Monday afternoon not really knowing what to expect but as you can see, we didn’t need to be concerned.  The colors, the lines, the lighting, and the wonderful Caren Flannigan made everything beautiful and come to life.

There’s magic in the world when you do what you love.

Dance because you HAVE to!

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Hagia Sophia


Wisdom. The most coveted of all the intelligent attributes. Not easily attained and often acquired through the experiences of trial and error.  Yet those who have learned their lessons, who have collected their histories, who have trusted in their better judgement – these are the revered, the ones given authority with supernatural insight and the ones who are the elevated among our associates.  Whether in science or life skills, whether in comforting words or in criminal judgement, whether in finances or framing governing policies, wisdom is essential for harmony and fulfillment in our lives.

Intelligence is wasted without the discernment to apply it.  Medicine, spiritual philosophies, foods, transportation and military actions are wasted without solid wisdom to guide the decisions of each person in those given fields.

Therefore, to attain the Holy Wisdom and assimilate it into our lives,  we must persist, we must study. We must pause to reflect on what has been recorded before we arrived at this point, inspect all that we have gathered and trust….that Hagia Sophia will bring with it the inner peace of an enlightened life.

It is the noble quest.  It is the worthy struggle. It is the revelation of the mysteries.

It is Hagia Sophia, the Holy Wisdom,  that reigns supreme.

Credits: my photography
Model: Victoria
Additional content for this image from artists Kim Klassen, FoxeySquirrel and from DeviantArt

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La Ciboise

La Ciboise

I worked on a product shot today, using this fascinating label on a bottle of wine.  I assume it’s braille and I wanted to capture the texture of those bumps.  That was my goal.

I used additional layers in Photoshop made up of over 10 images shot right around my house – a planter vase, an outdoor umbrella weight, ornamental iron from the lawn chair, the blurred images of swimming pool water, wine glasses and plants.


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