Couples in Crisis

Couples in Crisis

I like to use my art to express concepts and to illustrate things that I experience in hopes that others too might identify with the images that I create. Often it’s the softer side of love – the tender, the innocent, the sweet, the laughter and the romantic. But there’s another side of love that involves conflict, change, frustration and in many cases, a painful ending. None of us ever want to be there but it does happen. It’s a part of true love.

That’s the assignment I gave myself with this photo essay. I’m thankful that Cindy was a willing model while I set up this scene and shot these images. I’m so glad to have her as my cheerleader, urging me to let my creative side take risks and explore deeper emotions.

And perhaps as a little public service for those who may identify themselves in these images, there is all kinds of help available to remedy these disturbing relationship hurdles. Take it to God in prayer, seek out counselors and therapists ( there are some REALLY good ones out there. I’ve learned so much from some very smart people!). There’s good books and podcasts to listen to. And trusted friends are so vital to emotional health too. You can’t do it alone. It takes a community to heal and thrive. The good news is – there are answers to problems and to life’s twists and turns. We may not know how to plan a year down the line but today…we can decide to make one great decision. That’s all. Just one. We can choose to do the next right thing. The next thing you know, you’ve made a string of really good decisions and life does get better.

And in the end, when its all said and done….we choose to love again anyway.

Thoughts or feedback is welcome.

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Ocean’s Revive

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Portrait in Black Dress

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The Brushstrokes That Become Our Dreams

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Silk and Steel

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I just finished up a commissioned project with the lovely Cristina Elena.

We spent a great deal of time planning and exchanging ideas. She loves art, gardening and fashion, so with that theme as our inspiration, we did our photoshoot and then I went to work in the ‘Art Department’.

Here’s the final three images:

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The Quest

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Then I’ll Keep Hanging On

I heard that you just carried on

Tell me how could this be

I hope that you’re much, much happier

Without me

If deliverance from the bitterness means I have to let you go

Then I’ll, I’ll keep hanging on

**Lyrics from ‘Deliverance’, by Rationale

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Got Me A Woman! Got Me A Man!

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On The Fringe

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