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Buying Tip

Sometimes I stumble across a heck of a deal, and I just gotta tell somebody.  Everybody! Go to Fry’s Electronics store.  Houston has a couple of these superstores that sell everything from computer gear, to wires and modems, TVs, DVDs….anything … Continue reading

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The Last Day

This is the last day I’ll be writing from my home in Conroe.  We have a contract signed, and closing is planned for mid-week.  I’ve had over a year to say goodbye to my little piece of heaven on earth. … Continue reading

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I hit overload today. Patience is a virtue, but my patience ran out today with the cable people.  It doesn’t matter which service, because I’ve heard similar complaints from which ever company is used for cable and internet. Today however, … Continue reading

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NPR: All Songs Considered

I’ve slowly been making room for podcasts in my life.  In my mind, podcasts are the same as talk radio, which drives me nuts.  I don’t want your one hour opinion – rants and raves about some school bond issue, … Continue reading

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