Buying Tip

Sometimes I stumble across a heck of a deal, and I just gotta tell somebody.  Everybody!

Go to Fry’s Electronics store.  Houston has a couple of these superstores that sell everything from computer gear, to wires and modems, TVs, DVDs….anything you can think of in this realm.  Anyway, go to Fry’s, walk straight back to the back of the store.  On the back wall, down a knee height, in the thumb-drive and flash-drive area, grab one of these off the wall:  A 4 Gig USB Flash drive in several cool colors, and as tiny as one joint of your finger.  $7.99!  It’s one per customer, so bring a friend.  Or just check out twice, which is what I had to do.  Just ring up a second sale and pay cash.

My second tip is for a video cord for your new TV.  If you have a Blu Ray DVD player, and need an HDMI cable, or you want to hook your computer up to your hi-def TV, go to Fry’s again, and ask for an HDMI cable…..the cheap ones.  Paying for the gold tipped, super duper cables are not necessary.  Those cables typically cost $30 or more.  I got my 6 foot HDMI cable for $4.99.  It is in a box above the normal cables.  Its not displayed, or advertised, but they have them.

You’re welcome!

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