My Beatles Playlist

Yesterday, I plugged my iPod into the stereo and played my Beatles playlist.  Its a short list of the songs the Beatles sang later in their history, mainly from the White Album, Abbey Road and a few from Rubber Soul.  I cranked the volume up and Patty and I sang our hearts out.  We spent the evening cooking, dancing and acting out the words in the songs.

This is the first song.

I love that song!  But then, there were so many.  One right after the other.  Some of these songs were released over 30 years ago, yet we knew all the words, when to play our ‘air guitars’ and when to wail on away on the drums like Ringo.

Of course, a glass of Robert Mondavi 2006 Stags Leap Cabernet Sauvignon helps a person sing and dance better.  Actually, our evening started out with a crisp Pinot Grigio to go with a sushi Fire Cracker Roll.

While I got the charcoal going, Patty looked up how to roast beets.  I’ve been making this fabulous beet salad, and like everything else, fresh is always better than canned. So we go through the trouble of cooking fresh!  Next, the filet mignons were lightly seasoned and set aside.

The next song up?  Here ya go.

So, the salad I make mixes field greens with candied walnuts, balsamic vinegrette, beets, and a few thin slices of goat cheese. We have had beet salad on two occasions lately during our travels.  This one that I’m making is a killer combination from those two salads.

The rest of the meal was mesquite smoked filets, grilled corn on the cob, sautéed spinich with garlic, steamed mushrooms with a splash of wine and seasonings, and more songs.

Here’s one last tune.

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Active writer, dancer, traveler, Christian and father, aviation enthusiast, photographer, music lover and a DJ, hiker, Harley driver and fine wine drinker. My digital photo artist page:
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2 Responses to My Beatles Playlist

  1. Cheryl Kosec says:

    Pulling out the ipod, looking for a great bottle of wine in our stash and thinking of what Jon can grill up tonite! You always have the best posts!!!

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