Too Rolling Stoned

Yesterday, I went into the local Randall’s grocery store.  I grabbed a cart and headed for the produce section to gather up the things I needed to make my Honey Glaced Chicken, Sweet Potato and Peach skewer kabobs on the grill ( and they were dynomite!) when I suddenly became aware of the song being played in the store.  I was bopping along to the song, walking in time to the music and singing the words.  It was unusual, but at 2 in the afternoon…Randall’s was jamming out to Robin Trower’s Day of the Eagle.  It was fabulous.

So today, I got on YouTube and found several great tunes with live performances by this incredible guitar player from back in the 70’s.  Here’s the link.  You might like to let it play while you finish reading, although it’s fun to watch the video from back then too.

(Humm….you might not be able to watch this embedded. Click on it anyway)

It was hard to decide which video to post, because there are newer concert videos with better quality, but they’re more recent and the band is older.  I just thought it might be fun to watch Robin Trower when he reached his peak and became famous over those first few years of 1970.

I’ve been doing research for the book I’m writing, so I can justify spending this much time watching old videos.  One thing I have been trying to determine is what clothes we wore back then.  Although we think of the Woodstock generation as wearing blue jeans all the time, that isn’t the case.  We couldn’t wear blue jeans to school, so a good portion of the clothes we wore were casual school clothes.  More along the style of The Beach Boys, or nice slacks and a shirt.  We wore blue jeans on the weekends possibly, or to hang out.  But if we were going somewhere, we usually had to dress up.  Most of the dances and school gym parties had dress codes.  Many other placed did not allow blue jeans or t-shirts.

I remember wearing clothes that were more like The Mod Squad, funny as that may seem.  Bell-bottom slacks, button down shirts, leather shoes.

Anyhow, hearing that Robin Trower song reminded me of the late 60’s and early 70’s.  I certainly was exposed to drugs growing up, but by the time I was 20 years old, I wasn’t doing any drugs at all since I had to pass a flight physical as an air traffic controller.  That kept me from using drugs for the rest of my life.  That’s not to say that I didn’t come across it here and there, at parties, and hanging out with friends not in aviation.  I did.

I remember in one Army assignment, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon  had just been released.  Some of the fella’s would get wet towels and stuff then under the door to keep smoke from getting out, then proceed to smoke themselves into oblivion with pot or hash all weekend long.  And, a lot of that dope came back with the GI’s that were returning from Viet Nam.  That’s about when this Robin Trower album was being played too.  Hearing it, brought back lots of those kinds of memories.

It set up a transitional time for the United States as I was growing up.  Major changes were happening in our country.  Woodstock was at least 5 years pervious to this.  I went from not wanting to be drafted during the Viet Nam era, to actually enlisting in the Army for 3 years.  President Nixon had to resign from office in 1974, and Civil Rights were finally being put into practice.  Interesting times for sure.

Looking back over the years of drugs, wars, civil rights injustices and young families trying to grow, music is the one thing that has always filled my life.  Music reminds me of where I was then, what I was thinking and what was going on around me.

Too Rolling Stoned  always made me get up and dance, usually so no one could see me, but I’d dance anyway. Today, I just hop up and dance to it.  It’s just too good!

Come on! Get up!  Let’s dance!

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1 Response to Too Rolling Stoned

  1. Linda Moore says:

    Great post… I, too, am a child of this same era…I remember making tie-dyed T-shirts in our kitchen….making “pot” brownies…the day that Jim Morrison died…crazy, wonderful days. “Dark Side of the Moon” is one of my Pink Floyd favorites… I’ve been helping with organizing our 40th class reunion, which is coming up in September…flooded with memories… Thanks for the post…enjoyed it immensely !

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