Fruit For Breakfast

I couldn’t pass up the fresh berries at Sam’s yesterday.  Big old tubs of strawberries and blueberries were piled high in the produce section.  I passed them by the first time, heading for the cheeses and deli items.  But I caught myself, saying “I’m going to spend $7.00 on cheese and pass up something even healthier and tastier that costs $4.50 for a giant carton of fruit?”  So I turned my butt around and went back and got them.

I have a funny thing about fruit.  I don’t normally reach for a piece of fruit to eat.  Even an apple or banana.  But if its cut up and served in a bowl, I’ll eat it all day long.  I love it.  I suppose it has to do with taking a bite of something expecting it to be delicious and then have it turn out to be mealy, not quite ripe enough, or just plain bad.  But cheese, or chocolate, or cookies, well, they’re always good.

This morning however, knowing that I want to eat healthy things, blueberries being one of the best fruits to eat, I put a bunch of them in a bowl and started slicing up the strawberries too.  I added some coarsely cut almonds, a little orange juice, some Post Grape Nuts cereal for fiber, and stirred it all up in some pineapple/coconut yogurt.

Yeah Baby!  That’s some good eatin’ there.  That’s how I ought to start the day everyday.

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One Response to Fruit For Breakfast

  1. Cheryl Kosec says:

    You’ve now made me hungry!

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