Ohio Road Trip – Day 8 and 9 – Home

Fall colors in North Royalton

My trip home was comfortable and pleasant.  Each day was about an 11 hour drive.  It gave me lots of time to reflect on my high school reunion and all the people I’d been able to visit with.  Lots of things ran through my head as I looked back over the 40 years since we graduated.  Most of all, I thanked the Lord for putting us all back in touch and sharing smiles and good times.

I drove from my sister’s house in North Royalton, saying goodbye to all the Fall colors, to just south of Memphis where I stayed at Harrah’s Casino in Tunica, Mississippi for $60.  I was pretty proud of myself for coming up with that one.  Motel rooms around Memphis are about the same price, but often are located in high crime areas or near freeways that cause me concern.  This was a nice change of pace.  And being the big gambler that I am, I dropped $5.oo in a slot machine and called it a night.  If you can’t win with $5.00, why play?

Sign marking the beginning of, well.....something.

I only stopped for gas, food or to snap a picture and boy, did I find some fun pictures.  The road signs marking the end and beginning of the freeway just cracked me up.  I had to cross the freeway to get the other sign, but it was worth the delay.

When I left Tunica, I drove down Highway 61, The Blues Highway, and stopped again to take pictures of the cotton fields.  I have never seen so much cotton in my life!  Harvesters were busy in the fields packing the cotton into those giant blocks of cotton, waiting to get baled.  I estimated that each huge compressed block was worth $1000 each.  I saw one field with 20 giant blocks waiting to get loaded on trucks.  That’s a lot of cash, but I wondered, is that enough to sustain a farm?  A whole growing season to harvest $20,000 worth of cotton in a whole section of land?  I don’t know.  Hummmm.

More cotton than I'd ever seen!

I had nice phone conversations while I drove too.  Terri gave me some writer’s tips that helped me plan my next move towards getting published.

Crawfish, boudain, hot sauces and more

When I stopped in Lafayette, Louisiana at Poche’s, a Cajun country store that I’d visited several years back, I sent my ex a picture of the place.  We ended up talking about old times and got caught up on each other’s lives while I drove on to Houston.

Really? A Catfish Museum?

I love road trips.  I like how I get separated from everyday life.  I like to blast the radio and play music.  I like seeing the countryside.  I like taking pictures of crazy stuff.  I like finding unique places to eat.  I love it all.

But best of all, arriving home safe and sound, and getting a royal welcome from Patty, well, I love that part the best!

Love you, Patty!!

About Wayne to the Max

Active writer, dancer, traveler, Christian and father, aviation enthusiast, photographer, music lover and a DJ, hiker, Harley driver and fine wine drinker. My digital photo artist page: www.WayneToTheMax.com
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