Working Again

Since returning to work over 2 weeks ago, I’ve lost a bunch of my creative screw off time!  Being retired was fun!  I did have some free time, but working 5 days in a row?  For 2 weeks?  It’s not easy.

Thankfully, I love my work.  But I grew to really like my retired life too.  There has to be a balance.  A balance that hopefully is slightly weighted to the non-work side of the scale.

Work is good.  That’s what I’m telling myself.

Work is good.

Screw off time is GREAT.  I can’t tell myself that too often though.

Work is good.

About Wayne to the Max

Active writer, dancer, traveler, Christian and father, aviation enthusiast, photographer, music lover and a DJ, hiker, Harley driver and fine wine drinker. My digital photo artist page:
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2 Responses to Working Again

  1. Ha ha, yes it’s a bit of a mixed bag of emotions I can imagine. Good luck with the work Max!


    Hang in there, you will find your balance! I have a swing dance lesson again this week, you are right it is FUN !

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