Piaggio Avanti

Piaggio Avanti

Piaggio Avanti P180 departing runway 17 at Sugar Land, Tx

One of my favorite planes that flies in and out of Sugar Land is the Piaggio Avanti P180.  It’s got a slick Italian design and a fat little fuselage designed to give lift along with the wings.  It has a cool little ‘mustache’ cannard wing in the front, and twin turboprop engines turned backwards for a pusher type configuration.  The wings are pulled back behind the center of the body and a bit higher than normal.  The cabin holds up to nine people and has a range of about 1500 miles.  It cruises at 500+ nautical miles an hour.  The company that flies into Sugar Land is a charter company called AvantAir.  They’ll fly you wherever you want to go worldwide!

A group of investors led by Piero Ferrari became involved in 1998 and helped complete the production of the aircraft

Eye-catching Italian design.

Inside the Avanti. It holds up to nine passengers and two crew

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  1. ¡Es verdaderamente precioso!, imagino que es privado no?, costará un dineral montar en él……., besos

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