Curried Goat

My culinary resolution for the new year is to find recipes that emphasize Southwestern styles of cooking.  By that, I don’t necessarily mean Mexican or TexMex foods.  I mean roasted meats on charcoal fires, chipotle, cilantro, creams, squashes, pistachio, sunflower or pumpkin seeds, beans and roasted corn.  I pictured places like Santa Fe, Tucson and northern Mexico.  They often use cabrito, or goat for their meat so I thought I’d start with roasted goat for something totally different.

Friday, I began wondering if I might be able to find a butcher shop in the area that had goat.  I did a Google search, and found an Indian/Pakistani market that sold it with a mile of where I work.  When I stopped in the store, several folks were outside eating lunch.  Rich curry and onion aromas filled the air and I changed my mind on what I was going to cook.  After all, my resolution didn’t actually begin until January 1st, so I allowed myself to experiment in a new direction.

I searched Google again, this time for curry and goat.  I came up with, not Indian, but Caribbean Curry Goat.

I marinated the meat overnight then cooked it with carrots and potatoes.  The recipe called for a Scotch Bonnet pepper.  I wasn’t sure I’d like the heat of that pepper, but it cooked down nicely.  The leg meat that I purchased was too tough. Next time I’ll pick something more tender and easier to get off the bone.  It was good, and the recipe was excellent, but I probably won’t cook this one again.  It was a fun learning experience since I hadn’t cooked with curry before, or goat, for that matter.

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