Red Oak Grill

Red Oak Grill

Last summer, Patty and I had stopped by the Sugar Land Towne Center for a glass of wine at The Vineyard wine bar.  We really liked our waiter, Sal, and striked up a conversation with him.  During our talk, he mentioned that he was opening up his own wine bar soon.  Patty and I watched and waited and finally a few weeks ago, Sal opened his own place called The Red Oak Grill.

Today, we stopped by for our first visit and it was a home run.  The Red Oak Grill actually  has three locations and Sal owns this one.  I was expecting a dark, cozy little place that charges too much for both the wine and the food, but I was happily surprised.  The menu is much more down home but it is extensive.  You can get everything from hummus and lamb kabobs to grilled salmon to panini sandwiches to burgers and all the way home to simple things like salads and appetizers.  The wines are affordable and nice.

We thought it would be the perfect place to have a small band or guitar player in the corner or perhaps make this a late night stop for drinks and a snack too.

I went with Sal’s recommendation and got the lamb kabobs.  It came with Mediterranean salad and rice.  We ordered hummus and tabbouleh  too.  Oh yeah – and baklava too. Delicious!

Lamb Kabobs from Red Oak Grill in Sugar Land

Give it a shot if you’re down in the Sugar Land area.

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2 Responses to Red Oak Grill

  1. David Young says:

    Cool Wayne, I’ll have to try it since I live down this way.
    David Young

  2. Hmm, looks absolutely divine!

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