Lots On the Plate

I’ve got lots on my plate these days.  That’s normally how I like it.  I like a variety of things in my life.

I’ve been fighting a head cold this week.  Sinus congestion, headache and a slight fever finally convinced me that this is a cold and not just an allergy.  When you’re sick, it’s hard to do much of anything.  It’s hard to read, TV never seems interesting, and you can’t really do any chores.  I don’t get sick often.  As far as I remember, this is the first cold I’ve had in almost 2 years!  But when I do get sick, I have a greater understanding and empathy for those that are really sick, like with failing health, cancer or other diseases.  My little cold takes a lot of time to care for.  I can only imagine the battles and prayers it takes to get through a serious illness.  Thankfully, I am feeling better today after only 4 days of ‘suffering’.

Last night, I went to my Writer’s Meet-Up Group.  There were more people in attendance last night than I ever remember having.  I guess there were about 14 or 15 of us.  Phyllis read her chapter about a couple hiking in New Mexico that blended with a Native American lady 100 years earlier making pottery.  I loved that one.  Another fella presented his next chapter in his humorous fantasy story.  It reminds me of a Willy Wonka kind of story and no matter how well written, it isn’t my cup of tea, and I have to work hard to stay engaged in his story.  I can tell how proud he is of his story and certain members of the group gave him really good feedback on it.  The last story was from a new man in the group.  He wrote about a man who needed to kill his identity and create a new life, like a witness protection plan or a CIA operative who is about to be discovered.  I’m not sure how that story will evolve, but his first 8 pages were quite intriguing.  He’s got a very clever theme going.

One of our members had a book on the table.  She had published it on-line, and printed several physical copies in a 6×8 paperback to sell or hand out.  Good for her!  She took it all the way to publication!

Also on the plate – Patty and I are buying a house.  We’re doing our research, calculating, inspecting and planning all of our moves during the process.  I bought tile and grout yesterday to remodel the bathroom in this house before we move, so I’ve got a nice project that will keep me busy while we advance to our closing date on the new house.

As always, we have dance and our shared love for music.  I took a private lesson on Country Western 2-Step last week, and I want to practice what I’ve learned so tonight, since I’m feeling better, I plan to do that.  Thursdays is West Coast Swing. Friday is Tango. Plus we’re planning our Swing Dance events for the year and making reservations.

On top of all that, we’ve got our vacation plans for the summer, season tickets to the theater, dinner plans with friends, the Super Bowl party….and oh yeah….we also work in between all that.

Living the life I love and loving the life I live!

About Wayne to the Max

Active writer, dancer, traveler, Christian and father, aviation enthusiast, photographer, music lover and a DJ, hiker, Harley driver and fine wine drinker. My digital photo artist page: www.WayneToTheMax.com
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