Retirement Update

What I’ve learned recently is this:  after being retired for almost a year and a half and then returning to work part-time, I get a lot more done now than when I was in full retirement.

I’m not saying that is good or bad, it’s just an observation.

I did a lot of things when I was retired.  I kept my days full at first, but as time passed, I realized what lots of retired folks will tell you – “If it doesn’t get done today, who cares!” I kind of got to that point too.  I could spend hours doing fun things – playing on the internet, riding my motorcycle, planning my next trip, dancing, staying out as long as I wanted and coming home at any hour I pleased.  It is a fun life!

But now, after returning to work part-time ( half time, actually) I find that I am much more dedicated to getting things done with a deadline in mind.  It certainly makes me get my chores done faster.  I could easily put off chores and repair jobs when I was retired, because eventually someday, I’d get to it.  But returning to work has made me get those tasks done much sooner.  Why?  Because I want to be sure that my play time is dedicated to play time.  I don’t want to stress out about what is still on my ‘To Do’ list.  I like to get my work done first so I can play.  Work Hard. Play Hard.

I have also learned that I like keeping my good habits in tact.  For example, I’ve always saved a portion of my income, usually around 10% – more if I can.  I’ve been able to keep that going even in retirement.  It sure feels nice to know I still have a growing savings account.

Finally, I’ve always exercised.  I’ve always worked out, whether it is doing calisthenics, going to the gym, or working out around the neighborhood.  I’ve always done it.  I’m not talking about dancing, or golf, or playing frisbee on the beach.  I mean a serious workout, lifting weights, cardio with at least a 130-150 heart rate maintained for over 15 minutes, or running bleachers at the local high school stadium.

The thing about exercising is – you can’t ever break the habit.  It’s much too hard to start once you’ve stopped.  You HAVE to keep doing it consistently.  It has to be a part of your week.  In my case, I try to do an upper body workout at least once a week.  I used to work out 3 times a week, but I’ve replaced some of that with other interests which do include dancing, though dancing is not really a real workout for me. I get the aerobic part pretty good, but I also have a drink at the bar, and a snack and another drink and the next thing you know, whatever I may have done for the good gets balanced out by the bad.  So, I work even harder to never fudge on my real workout at the gym when I go.

Really, that’s the same habit regarding finances too.  I have to be consistent and I have to do it regularly.

That’s what keeps me happy.  That’s how I’m doing it now.  It keeps the stress low and hopefully keeps me healthy too.

About Wayne to the Max

Active writer, dancer, traveler, Christian and father, aviation enthusiast, photographer, music lover and a DJ, hiker, Harley driver and fine wine drinker. My digital photo artist page:
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One Response to Retirement Update

  1. It sounds like you’ve got the perfect balance going there, Wayne. Good to hear about the exercise routine also, man, wish I had that dedication – I do the drink at the bar and snacks part of it quite religiously though, LOL. Enjoy the (semi) retirement!

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