Blues Night Out

Luther and the Healers playing the blues at The Big Easy club in Houston on a Thursday night.

I have really been missing hanging out at blues joints like I used to do.  I miss hanging out in some sleezy old bar with a glass of beer and listening to some good Texas roadhouse blues.  Last night, I couldn’t take it any longer.  I got off work at 8:00PM and headed over to The Big Easy, a Houston blues club that’s been around for years.

Thursday night, Luther and the Healers play for no cover charge, just tips.  There’s always a good crowd but thankfully, not overcrowded.  A couple of my dance friends were there, but I hadn’t really planned on dancing.  I just wanted a beer and a chair.

I ordered a draft beer from the bar.  The bartender recommended I try a new beer from a local brewery, Karbock .  The Karbock website describes the beer I got as ‘ a cross between a Belgian-Style Wit and a German Hefeweizen.  A citrusy, coriander character of the Wit married with the clove, nutmeg and banana flavors of a Hefe’.  It was wonderful.

I was diggin’ on Luther when Eva asked me to dance, and that was it. I danced the rest of the night to Luther’s fabulous songs.  There were some fun dancers I’d never danced with before plus I had a chance to visit with old friends in between songs while I cooled off with a few sips of that brew.

There was also a small contingent of Lindy hoppers there too.  They’re always fun to watch, what with their throw-back clothing style of sneakers, skirts or fly-away dresses and the guys wearing vests or golf hats.  The girls always have this ‘art student’ look, mixing funky colors into their outfits,  tattoos half-hidden under tank tops and chubby faces with happy smiles.

Just a fun blues night out on a Thursday.

About Wayne to the Max

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