Modern Cockpits

Many of today’s aircraft are now equipped with ‘glass cockpits’.  That means, no dials and separate instrument panels but rather, they come with computer screens that incorporate all the required system monitors.  In addition, the joystick steering wheel is being replaced with single pistol grip steering controller.  Here are examples of of those features in both a small 5 person jet named the Eclipse jet along with the Cirrus prop airplane.

Eclipse jet

Glass Cockpit. Computer keyboard for flight plan input, messaging, alternate flight presentations.

Joystick pistol grip steering controller

Next is the Cirrus prop aircraft.

Cirrus Aircraft

Glass cockpit displays. Note also, the joystick pistol grip steering controllers.

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3 Responses to Modern Cockpits

  1. ¡No te pierdes una! jajajajaja, como decimos aquí, y ademas cosas fuerte, el otro día las motos y hoy aviones, ¿los pilotas también?

    Do not miss one! jajajajaja, as we say here, and also strong things the other day motorcycles and airplanes today, do you pilot too?

  2. No, I’m not a pilot, though I flew my body for several years – skydiving. For many years, part of my air traffic control duties, I flew in the cockpit of many airliners, right up there with the pilots. One of the best was the DC-10. It had a huge window right behind the Captain. I got to see many wonderful views of The Grand Canyon, San Francisco, Mexico City, Mount St. Helen, Seattle and of course, Houston.

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