Tracking My iPhone 5

Tracking my iPhone shipped from China

About a week and a half ago, I ordered my iPhone 5 as soon as Apple opened the sales on-line.  I received an email about 6 days later saying that my phone was shipped and I could track it’s progress.  I clicked on the tracking number that routed me to the UPS site.  I found that my iPhone was being shipped from ZhengZhou, China.  It took several more days where it must have floated down some river and up to Korea, where today, I’m guessing it was flown to Anchorage, Alaska.  If everything goes right, I should have it in my hands Thursday or Friday.

During the time that I’ve been waiting for the phone, I can’t help but think to myself – why is this phone coming from China?  Isn’t Apple the ‘apple’ of everyone’s eyes for a modern day American business success?  Yet, it isn’t manufactured here!

When I look at our political field and the sentiment of so many people here in the USA, I have to wonder what it would take to ever have this phone and other Apple products manufactured here.  We all know that China can produce all these products for so cheap that we just can’t compete against them, but ….. here it is.  Here’s the problem:  we’re  pricing ourselves out of the global community.

Either we come up with technology and labor to make it as cheap, or we end up just being a service nation, and dependent of foreign manufacturing.  These issues are so complex and intricate, it would be hard to unravel even this one business, but here we are.  There probably isn’t any import tax or protection tax that could keep these things from getting into our hands.  The black market would ensure we’d get them bootlegged at the desired price anyway.  No, this is a realistic look and economics, politics, business and industry.

The iPhone 5, a coveted item and superior product, being sent to me from China.  I’ll be happy to have it when it gets here, but this one sure has me thinking.  Steel, oil refineries, textiles, autos, batteries, apparel -too many jobs and businesses have already left the United States.

Republican or Democrat, this needs to be a national objective and not just talking points.

Bring manufacturing back home!

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1 Response to Tracking My iPhone 5

  1. Yo tengo el Iphone 4S, estoy encanta con él, seguro que te encantará, espero que lo disfrutes, besos Wayne

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