One Month To Love

book_sm-one-month-to-loveMy pastor, Kerry Shook and his wife Chris, gave away free copies of their new book to every person in church a few weeks ago.  That’s why I love my church, Fellowship of The Woodlands.  They give back so much to their congregation.  The book is called One Month To Love.

Each day, I read a chapter, which is usually 5 or 6 pages, then follow up answering or acting on the three questions posed at the end of the reading.  The book asks me to list what I consider my most important 3 key relationships and take the next 30 days to lay out a plan to improve on them.  I write down my thoughts and outline an action plan.  I am writing a vision statement.  I’m learning to better handle conflict and disagreements while at the same time, keep love and intimacy growing.

Pastor Kerry has also set up a website that includes daily coaching videos where he and Chris share some of their own challenges in relationships. I’m on Day 13 and here’s the video for today:

It’s an awesome experience.  I highly recommend the book and the opportunity to grow closer to those you love the most.

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