Kiran’s Restaurant (Houston) – Traditional Indian Cuisine

Chef Kiran Virma

Chef Kiran Virma

Last night, three of us had dinner for the first time at Kiran’s Restaurant and Bar.  We wanted an all vegetarian diet and wanted a restaurant that could present us with new foods and flavors.  We chose Kiran’s based on the many vegetarian and vegan choices (plus, I had just watched the movie Life of Pi and was in the mood for Indian food too).  We used Yelp’s reviews to help search for a quality restaurant that offered fine dining and a quiet comfortable setting.

It was one of the finest dining experiences we’ve ever had.  Our waiter, Ronnie, was superb!  We were not familiar with much of the Indian cuisine, and Ronnie was so very patient with us, explaining many items, their preparation, the ingredients and the options we could choose if we deleted dairy products from the dish.  Ronnie was very knowledgable and we thoroughly appreciated his detailed explanations and patience meeting our needs.  His service was the best.  He was there if we needed him, but we were never interrupted or intruded upon.

We went with his recommendations and loved every one of them – yellow lentils, bitter melon, eggplant, portobello mushroom, kale salad and several others.  He even steered us to the sorbet deserts to help avoid dairy products.

The chef, the atmosphere, the dinner, the service and the quiet ambiance – we loved it all!  Yes, I Yelp’ed a review too.

I highly recommend Kiran’s if you’re looking for a wonderful evening in Houston.  Check out the menu.  Here’s the link:  Kiran’s Restaurant

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3 Responses to Kiran’s Restaurant (Houston) – Traditional Indian Cuisine

  1. Patty Jones says:

    Wonderful review!

  2. Daniel Olivares says:

    since I have not watched “life of pi” as of yet……..I shall put this on agenda for post movie !!! and yes I will watch it as I am in need of catching up on this and others such as Lincoln and argo ( yes Oscars ) . love reading as usual !!! thanks wayne !! hi patty ! : )

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