Radical Eats

RadicalEatsVegan and vegetarian friendly, Radical Eats is a place you’ve gotta try.

In our quest to become better informed on a plant based diet, Patty found this little gem of a restaurant located just north of downtown Houston.  We stopped in last night.

It’s a post-modern, classic-hippie eatery in an earthy, well-worn concrete floor, dive-joint of a place that you’re bound to love.  I’d have said it was a reclaimed service station, but the ceilings were too low to have a car lift in it.  Grungy cool is what it is.

Wednesday evening offers items from the dinner menu beginning at 7:00 with a cooking class while you eat.  Staci ran the place with a friendly but stern command of her friendly staff who hopped whenever she chirped.  She was organized, informative and welcoming.


Veggie Burger, fries and Brussel sprouts

I ordered the veggie burger, home fries and roasted brussel sprouts.  Patty had mushroom enchiladas with cashew creme sauce, avocado and lime, frijoles and rice.

Though the food choices leaned towards mexican, each month Staci runs a theme for her specials.  Last month was Cajun, this month it was Pub foods.  Next month it’ll be The Best Burger month – all veggie burgers, that is.

For her lesson last night, which extended her Pub food list, she made both ‘bangers’ as well as a ‘Shepherd’s Pie’.  Made from 100% plant based ingredients, Staci poured into her magic mixing bowl hand measured amounts of rice flour, garbanzo flower, soy sauce, mushrooms, some kind of grainy, crumbly stuff, smoked paprika, turnip and I can’t remember what else.

Stacy adding mashed potato layer to her vegan Shepherd's Pie

Staci adding mashed potato layer to her vegan Shepherd’s Pie

Then she formed them into hand-sized bangers and laid them into the hot skillet to fry.  She plated up a few and passed the plate around to those of us at the tables.  I dabbed a little Dijon mustard on and….Oh My Gawd! It was delicious!

She did her same wizardry with the Shepherd’s Pie, saute-ing colored cauliflower, onions, garlic, peppers, celery and more of that grainy, crumbly stuff, peas and paprika.  She pressed all of that into a baking pan, meant to put in some vegan cheese ( tapioca!) and covered the whole thing with whipped mashed potatoes, baked and served.  She scooped a big kitchen spoonful into a ramekin, handed us each one and…..Oh My Gawd!  It was delicious!

Located at 3903 Fulton Rd in Houston.

Located at 3903 Fulton Rd in Houston.

I seriously would have sworn that there was meat in there! The flavors, the textures, the seasonings were absolutely, far-out and psychedelic-ly groovy.  I was mouth-tripping on that stuff.

Anyway, coming down off of that gastronomical high, Radical Eats is a hip place that you gotta try.  We loved it.  We learned a lot.  We’ll go back.

Take a magical mystery tour by clicking on the link:  Radical Eats

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  1. Patty Jones says:

    Awesome! I bet she would really appreciate seeing this.

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