Pro HDR App – Kalalau Valley, Kauai

I am using an App to enhance some of the fabulous landscapes I’ve shot on my vacation here in Hawaii. Pro HDR takes a steady hand, but with a little practice, you’ll get the hang of it. It only costs a couple of bucks and I’ve been quite happy with it. Here’s why I use it, especially with high contrast and harsh, sunny scenes.

Normal exposure using iPhone camera


Same scene, shot within seconds of previous photo using HDR Pro app.

The app takes two pictures, one slightly overexposed and one slightly underexposed, then joins the two images into one hi-def picture. Note the shadows now have detail, particularly in the foreground bushes. The highlights also have details as noted in the sky which was washed out in the original image.

The tricky part of using this app is to hold the camera as still as possible so that the images don’t end up mis-aligned and looking blurred. Bracing the camera is best. Upon close inspection, you can see that I did move slight and the leaves on the bushes are slightly out of register.

I love it anyway and it truly was this spectacular in person.

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