Melanie Krahmer of SIRSY on drums, vocals, drum pad and flute.

Yesterday, Patty and I got a surprise splash of SIRSY, the two person band from Albany, New York area who performed at Houston’s iFest. Her voice, the drums and his guitar playing drew us over to the stage but what they were doing up there blew us away.

SIRSY is Melanie Krahmer on drums, digital programming bass and drum pads, flutes and vocals, Rich Libutti on guitar and pedal bass.  Melanie hit every note perfectly as she sang. Rich’s skillful guitar playing created the full musical sound and didn’t leave any empty spots in the tunes from only having two players, like Jack White of the White Stripes sometimes did.  All of that created the perfect frame for us to be amazed by what Melanie was doing.  You kind of have to see it to understand it.


SIRSY. Rich Libutti on guitar, Melanie Krahmer on drums.

In the first video listed below, notice that she bangs away on the drums while she belts out her vocals, but she also uses her drum pad to beat out the bass guitar thumps.  Then she’ll reach over, grab her flute and play a rocking solo on that while still kicking on the bass drum with her foot.  It’s not a gimmick band. They’re seriously good, balanced and practiced.  Highly talented, “edgy-feel-good” and fun to watch, you gotta go see them. Check them out on these videos!  SIRSY !



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