Amanda Knox

412CtUzF3nLI finished the audiobook Waiting To Be Heard by Amanda Knox, the gal who spent 4 years in an Italian jail, wrongly accused of killing her roommate.

I’ve been contemplating how we go about making good or bad decisions in life (as we all have done) and the consequences of sometimes choosing the wrong friends, making the wrong statements or the being in the wrong place and then trying to dig yourself out of a fix. In this audiobook version which Amanda Knox herself narrates, I found myself doubting parts of her story at first, thinking  that perhaps smoking pot or maybe not paying attention to her surroundings left holes in her memory of what happened. But as the story unfolded, it became clear that the naive, young college student who had hoped to help solve a murder ended up being too helpful and got herself tangled up in a 4 year mess.

I recognize that sometimes, we’re thrown into a trouble spot through no fault of our own.  But the lesson to all of us is first of all, do NOT get involved in the court systems.  We do this by living an upright and law abiding life as much as we can but then secondly, get legal counsel!  The interrogation office and the courtroom are NOT our playing field.  Do not make statements or succumb to badgering from anyone without good legal advice.  Goodness how she suffered because of her belief that all cops are good, that truth shall triumph and that justice will prevail.

Amanda paid a high price to reclaim her innocence.  I believe her.  She had nothing to do with the murder of her roommate.

It’s an excellent book.

(Free from your public library!)

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