Saturday Night at Shakespeare’s Pub – Part I

Part I  Johnny

Part II  Holland K. Smith

Part III  Black and White

Part IV  Dancing Girl


Holland K. Smith Band at Shakespeare’s Pub

Part I




Das right. Deeza’  blues clubs, I like. I like’a so much.

I come in. I get’a jus one beer.  I find’a me a nice place to be so deesa ladies can see me lookin deez good. Jus like back uh home on uh dee days when Papa no have uh no work for me to do. I work uh hard. I finish fast.  I make us de shoes, I bake uh de bread, I catch uh de fish, I steal a some uh peach, some uh apricot from the trees on uh de way home – make uh Mama happy – all uh de work she’s done, eh! We eat. I clean up.  Maybe I shave uh – maybe no.  It’s uh gonna be a night I to to town and uh dance and uh drink and uh find a pretty travel lady and maybe uh – poke uh in de whiskers, you know what’a I mean. Oooo!

Eh!  Wassamatta U? MuddaFawk! Look at’a me like uh dat! Like uh you can’t take’a seein’ me lookin’ deez good. MuddaFawk’a.

Hey, pretty lady. You like’a deez song? I sing it for you. Devil and da deep’a blue sea. Das right, I got dat song down good, eh!? You want’a me sing dat for you in bed, Ha! Yea, das right. Okay, I catch ju later, mama. Ju no like it now but you come back for Johnny when you ready enough, okay? Yea. Play hard to get with me.  Ju be back.

Take a’nutta sip. Not’a too big, gotta make uh dis beer last.  I gotta enough to get’a me one more and uh buy one for de pretty lady too. Den dat’s it. One beer.

I gotta get’a off’a dez fawkin chair and stand out someplace bigger.  Maybe deez pole. Yea, deessa’ pole gonna be jus right for, Johnny. Fancy shirt open, hangin’ down so they can see  Johnny lookin’ so good – my fine uh body. Throwin’ bricks up and’a down all day. Big and’a strong man. Who wants’a some uh Johnny?  Come and get it.

Devil and da deep’a blue sea.  Dat’s uh good song. Make’a my decision and’a …somethin’ and uh somethin’…..nudda man….and end up’a dead.  Make’a ‘cision and uh devil and da deep blue sea.  

Ju lookin’ good, Johnny.  Dees pole make’a me stand out – stand out bigger than Mr. Guitar Man, big money man, big guitar money man with’a big guitar smilin’ at dee dancin’ lady.  Hey! Wadda’bout me, dancin’ lady? Mmmm hummm…I sing too, MuddaFawk! I sing maybe betta’! Uh huh.  Dee ladies like’a singin’ man, like me, eh!

Ah, new lady.  I gonna use my half-smile deez time. Maybe I make’a YOU sing tonight, pretty lady! How you doin’, mama? She smile back. She no look away. You gotta fish bittin’ on’a duh hook, Johnny!

Tiny sip.

(to be continued)

Part I  Johnny

Part II  Holland K. Smith

Part III  Black and White

Part IV  Dancing Girl

Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

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