Saturday Night at Shakespeare’s Pub – Part IV

Part I  Johnny

Part II  Holland K. Smith

III  Black and White

Part IV  Dancing Girl

Holland K. Smith band

Holland K. Smith band

Part IV

Dancing Girl

IMG_1492 - Version 2

First, a one minute video of Dancing Girl while Holland K. Smith plays the Blues.

Dinner and drinks <burrhhp…excuse me!> with my Besties. They headed home but I didn’t feel like wasting my three mojito high, ‘specially since it was only 10:30 and the night was still young, at least for me it was. I swung in to Shakespeare’s, didn’t tell them I was going to, ’cause I just felt like dancing. Maybe one last drink, a nightcap shall we say and some good music. I saw how many cars were packed in that tiny lot and figured they had a good band playing. I was right, thank you very much. I drove around the parking lot waiting for a spot to open up but after five or six laps I figured I’d just park in the Cripple Spot and hang my Handicap thingee on the mirror and be done with it. Hopefully no ambu<hic!…excuse me..goodness!> ambulance will tow my car but oh well, say la vee.

A girl needs to dance every now and then, get a little crazy. I didn’t get all doll-ed up in my black cocktail dress and heels just to head home at 10:30 in the evening. No siree. God didn’t give me these legs so I could set them in front of the TV until midnight, either. These are dancing legs and tonight I’m taking them dancing. If a man would like to dance with me, fine. He can buy me that nightcap first and then he can dance with me. It don’t matter. I’m happy as a robin to dance on my own. Dancing Robin from the Sherwood Forest Hood. That’s me. I mean Shakespeare’s Hood. <tsk> Or Robin Hood. Shoot, I don’t know what I mean. Whatever. You got the idea. Whoa! Twisted a heel – almost lost my balance. Ha! Okay, okay – It’s a dance move, okay?! Good Lord that fella by the pole was eye-balling me. Jerk!

I never set my purse down when I dance. Some creep like him walked off with it once and tried to give me an identity crisis with it but I had already cancelled my credit cards immediately so I guess I rained on his parade. Creeper. I dance with my purse either in my hand or tucked under my arm. I just dance. One time I was backing up dancing, you know, like when you bunny hop backwards and all, and whap! – nailed this man up side his head. Knocked him back and we both tumbled into a table full of Shiner Boch long-necks. Still had my purse in my hand, though. Ha! Dated him for 7 months before I finally kicked his sorry butt to the curb. Turned out he had a wife and two kids he forgot to tell me about. Two weeks later and I’m back on my feet again, gettin’ more men wanting to take me to dinner than Jesus has disciples. Right now, I’m just keeping all my options open.<burrrrrhhp…excuse me..goodness gracious!>

Take that singer, for example. He is kind of cute. His eyes are closed now while he’s singing but I saw him check me out when I strutted on out here and started sexy dancing like I do. I do my little pony prance and he’ll open those eyes. Uh huh. Take a look at that. Uh huh. There it is! Boom! He’s looking. I grinned back at him,too. Oh yeah, you’re a cute little booger, ain’t cha? Talk to you later, Guitar Man. Get to know me on your break, Mister Holler K’dunkin Jones or whatever your name was. Meanwhile, I’ll be dancing like this every song you play, fast or slow. Umm hummm. Whoops. Head spinning on that one. Too many spins in a row. Almost bumped into that black couple. Sorry. No wait. She’s black. He’s white. I didn’t notice that at first. Sorry, you two. Sorry. Settle down, Robin. You hadn’t even had that last nightcap yet, Little Birdie.

Okay, this song I’m just gonna dance with no thoughts going on in my head. Clear out my cache, so to speak. Holler says this song is it then they’re gonna take a short break so here I go. A little shoulders going on here. A little head swiveling there, shimmy and a toe touch, another toe touch like squishin’ a bug, a little Smokey Joe and …Babycakes! Me and these legs are dancing like we like we may never go home tonight!

Play on, Holler! <Owweee!> Play that guitar. I’ll track you down on your break but for now, play that guitar good like you’re doin’. Play on. I’m gonna be right here, doing what I came here to do. I’m gonna be doing me some dancing!

Part I  Johnny

Part II  Holland K. Smith

III  Black and White

Part IV  Dancing Girl

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