Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis

Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis. The Continental Club. Austin, Texas

Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis perform at The Continental Club. Austin, Texas

One of the treats from last weekend in Austin was going to The Continental Club and getting to see and hear Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis.

I’m almost ashamed to say that I had never seen them before nor had I heard their songs.  I’m a music nut, a proud Texan and a live music supporter yet they’ve never been on my radar.  I’ve listened to many Texas Country/Folk bands and heard many of our Texas singer-songwriters like Lyle Lovett, Robert Earl Keen, Charlie Robison (Bruce’s brother), Patrice Pike, Billy Joe Shaver, Steve Earle and lots of others, but it wasn’t until this past weekend that Patty and I went looking for some good Texas music in Austin.  Thank goodness, we chose well!

The band was tight and well practiced, their voices were strong and powerful. Their lyrics were dynamite.  Bruce and Kelly, each with their own solo careers, have been married to each other for years but it wasn’t until recently that they started recording together.  They’ve got two albums now that are wonderful – many of them are original tunes along with a few covers – my favorite being 9,999,999 Tears (originally by Dickie Lee).  They also did a very good version of Harper Valley P.T.A.

But their original songs were the real treats and they kept us fed all night long with their individual and collaborative tunes.  “If I Left You” (Kelly Willis), ‘What Would Willie Do”(Bruce Robison) were solo career gems and from their new album they sang “Dreamin’ “, “Border Radio”, “Long Way Home” plus another hour’s worth of ballads, shuffles and duets.  It was such a treat to discover and then fall in love with Bruce and Kelly.  Boy, do I feel lucky to have finally gotten to know the music these two are putting out.

Below I’ve included an interview with them from The Texas Music Scene plus a couple other songs to help get to know them better.

Here’s their website  –


Long Way Home

Border Radio



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