Lost Golf Balls


My grandson had his 10th birthday last week. He loves to golf and just like any of us stubborn golfers, he spends lots of time trying to hit balls across water hazards. That means he goes through lots of balls real fast.  So I thought a perfect gift would be a whole bunch of used golf balls.

I used to get them for myself at a local driving range but it recently shut down. I Googled ‘used golf balls’ in my area and to my surprise, I hit the jackpot!

Have you heard of this place yet – LostGolfBalls.com ?  It turns out the warehouse is located right here in Sugar Land, Texas less than 3 miles from my house.


Bags and bags of golf balls everywhere!

I found the place in a business park and was totally flabbergasted at the business these guys are running.  Thousands and thousands of golf balls are stacked, sorted, boxed and then shipped all over the world.  They’ve made an amazing business out of recovering golf balls, cleaning then, sorting them and sending them out to golfers who want balls that are in mint condition but at less than half the original price.

Sorting, stacking and shipping stations

Sorting, stacking and shipping stations

There must have been 20 people working diligently at that process.  The most impressive was the sorting stations where all the types of balls are sorted and shoved into various holes, roll down tubes and are gathered in big plastic milk crates.  I just couldn’t get over how many golf balls were in this place.  And they’re all the sought-after brands like Nike, Calloway, Titleist Pro V1…you name it, they have it.


Loading up a sorting station

My favorites are the Nike Swoosh balls that range in price from $16 to $30 for a brand new dozen of them from the golf shop.  Here, at LostGolfBalls.com, a container of 50 Nike balls of the 1st or best quality (no marks, no scuffs, almost brand new) go for about $30!  If I’d bought them new, they’d cost around $65!

I love it when innovative people figure out how to make a business out of something so simple yet so much in demand.  They’re giving customers what they want. Scuba divers scour the ponds at local golf courses and bring them back here for re-sale.  How awesome is that?!

Check out all the names on the sorting wall

Check out all the names on the sorting wall

I decided to get 50 of the 2nd quality balls for my grandson ( no scuffs, some ink marks) which cost $26.  Unbelievable!  I hated to give them away….but I did.  He loved them!

You can order on-line or stop by the store.  You’ll enjoy the experience.




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