Joan Rasmussen

Rasmussen1I had a handful of favorite artists at Houston’s  Bayou City Art Festival this year.  Joan Rasmussen was one of them.

She creates sculptures out of found objects by adding correctly proportioned heads, arms and legs.  Some of her art is made using boxes with a door or drawer that invite you to open them gently to find little surprises inside.  The hidden contents all relate back to the title of the piece.  For example, one piece that she had on display was called “Picasso and Matisse”.  Inside it’s little drawers were pieces of colored chalk, colored pencils and other little object that artists use to make their art.

Another figure was made from croquet balls and it’s holder.  Another piece revealed little birdies and tiny eggs nested in a dozen little holes of an old wooden box.

eb3ad2dd587673b40a78cc114d7a0c86soloistJoan stood by as we peeked inside the wooden boxes and explored each of her pieces of art.  I think she had just as much fun as we did, watching our surprised expressions as we explored her clever artwork.  I only wish I had more pictures to share of her work.  Sadly, her website is not extensive.  Her travel schedule is up to date though so search her out and go see her.  You’ll love meeting her and seeing her art.

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2 Responses to Joan Rasmussen

  1. This is great- I haven’t posted in years but I opened my gallery this year and I never posted on my found object sculptures, but I need to get back into it, but my wok is pretty amazing just from finding all these discarded objects-

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