Obama To Get A Report Card

Attempts at restricting and registering guns in the United States has not resulted in lowering the assault or homicide  rates.  Instead, those rates have continued to increase even with gun registration, background checks and limiting the types of weapons that can be purchased.  Still, the president and his advisors persist in issuing another executive order, this one aimed at gun control, enforcement of vendor compliance and in mental health assistance.

I contend that the continued rise in crimes with a gun has more to do with family and parental decay, moral decline, conflict resolution abilities, violent video games, prescription drugs, illegal drugs and allowing a person to be conditioned by viewing violence in the media (movies, YouTube, news, publications).  We are saturated with violence and hatred.

The alternative is Christ-based grace, forgiveness, tolerance and love.  The answers are in solid family units, parents teaching their children manners, morals and conflict resolution.

The things that I believe result in guns being used in a crime are far different that what Obama thinks.  First of all, a criminal doesn’t follow any of the laws that we enact.  A criminal breaks the law and could care less about gun control.

I think there are things that we’ve come to tolerate that actually lead a person to committing a deadly crime.  These are things that politicians and the media are avoiding talking about. Take prescription drugs for example. Prescription drugs to control behavior (anti-depressants, anti- anxiety, attention deficit, etc) are issued with warnings of suicidal thoughts and tendencies. I believe prescription drugs are contributing to crime and that topic is being avoided by the media and politicians.  We’ve got to stop prescribing so much medication.  The medical profession is being encouraged to issue more and more medication. It’s not the answer.

We’ve got to focus on God and not the government, the media or the internet for protection and security.  Learning to make good decisions takes discipline and training, love and patience, time and effort.  It takes parents, teachers, mentors, bosses, coaches and friends.  It’s going to take a national initiative.  We need a national initiative on being kind, tolerant, loving and forgiving.  That means going counter-culture. Looking to ourselves, not the government, to solve the problems of crime.

The remedy for crime is a swift, fair trial and then capital punishment for assault or homicide with a gun or other deadly weapon. Remove the criminal. Execute the criminal. That’s not very nice in today’s society but it’s the solution that’s being swept aside.  We are being brainwashed that gun control is supposed to solve this.  I don’t believe it.

But, I’ll be patient for a while and throw this out there. Lets give the president an annual appraisal just like any person gets when they have a job. Lets call it a report card.  Starting today, if the number of crimes where a gun was involved decreases, we’ll give Obama an ‘A’.  If it stays the same or increases, he fails and his gun control effort needs to be repealed.

Use whichever watchdog site or statistician you’d like.  I’ve included one of them below.  Let’s check back in a year and see what effect he has had.

Here’s the latest figures for incidents where a crime was committed using a gun in the USA:

2014  — 51,776 incidents in which a gun was used in a crime

2015 — 52,593 incidents.

Ready?  Go.  The clock starts now.


About Wayne to the Max

Active writer, dancer, traveler, Christian and father, aviation enthusiast, photographer, music lover and a DJ, hiker, Harley driver and fine wine drinker. My digital photo artist page: www.WayneToTheMax.com
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2 Responses to Obama To Get A Report Card

  1. Ann says:

    What jumped out at me here Wayne is the thought you’ve put into this. I’ve known you for awhile now and all kidding aside (like our normal back and forth), I see how wise you’ve gotten. You’ve always been smart, but this is different. Our political system is such now that these people in office don’t have a chance to get older and wiser. They just ……run for office. They say and do what is politically expedient on any given day at any given time and (it seems to me) rarely stop to think ‘what makes sense here?’ Or ‘what is the next right thing to do? ‘ It is sad and it’s killing us. Until the people we put in charge change, nothing will. This was a great piece you wrote. Once again, PLEASE stop having such a good time and run for office while I’m still young and able enough to be your campaign manager.

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