The Uplifting

The UpliftingLOWLift someone up today. Be a blessing. Be the person who gives an encouraging word. Give it freely to others. Be the cheerleader in someone’s life. Everyone needs it.

That was the theme of this picture and the message I got from talking with the wonderful woman in this image.  She talked about what inspired her, about her work, about her world.  I tried to capture that enlightening conversation in this portrait of her.  I was inspired by our visit and she got the same lift from this image. It works hand in hand.  Lift someone up and the blessings fall back on you too.  Karma. Love your neighbor. Yin and yang. Good ju-ju.  No matter what you call it – it happens. It works. It’s necessary.

Do you know how powerful that is?

How many times have you been so wrapped up in your own problems that you feel weighted down, overwhelmed, discouraged? Your vision is narrow and limited, obscured by responsibilities, tired routines, busted budgets and broken hearts. Its so easy to get beaten down and feel the weight of our daily burdens. Discouragement creeps in. We loose our objectivity and we wonder if there will ever be any relief. Does any one notice me? Does anyone even care?

Do you remember someone in your life giving you a refreshing word of encouragement? Or perhaps someone connected with you when you thought they didn’t have a clue who you were? A teacher perhaps. A co-worker. A neighbor. A new acquaintance?

I had a high school English teacher who was also a football coach. He was a busy man – running classes all day, reading and grading essay papers, challenging students to find a love for literature just as he did.  He coached football and other sports after school.  That’s at least two more hours that other teachers didn’t have to be at school. But he was. Yet it was that teacher, who I thought could care less about me, whose interest in my writing and my development as a student, inspired and motivated me to do well in his class. His interest in me and my work made me feel special. It gave me a powerful lift to do good, to do better, to do my best.

It’s that same encouraging word that I’m talking about.  Be that to someone. Give them a lift. Just say hi. Look them in the eyes and smile. Pause to have a conversation. Compliment them on something. Encourage them. Believe in them!

Be someone who is uplifting. Be a blessing to someone. Lighten the load of those who are in your world today. There’s too much tearing down and critiquing in our lives.  We need to be noticed, to feel special to someone, to get some unexpected attention.

Everyone likes to hear some clapping. Some cheers. Or get a ‘High 5’ from someone.

Bless, encourage and inspire someone today.

Lift someone up. Be the special person or the one who finds what is special in someone else.

Lift someone up today.

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