Life Hack: Telephone English

Life Hack: Telephone English

Last week, I watched a movie about Temple Grandin who battles (and wins!) against autism. Its a wonderful movie and an inspiring story. Claire Danes plays the role of Temple. Watch it if you get a chance.

Anyhow, my reason for writing about it was what I took away from the movie…and made it a theme for my Boyz Roadtrip with my grandson, Maddox,  these last 2 days.

Temple said that people with autism are overcome by all the noise, touch, sights – its just too overwhelming for them. She said that all of those freeway road noises, or the clapping from an audience, or the bright lights….it’s all too much. Temple said ‘the normal mind drops out the details’. The autistic mind sees and hears them all.

So, my challenge to Maddox and his friend ( and to myself, of course) is to be alert for the details in our lives that we learn to block out. As a photographer, a writer, or as a music lover I make myself look for those little unusual things. I challenged Maddox on our trip to find the unusual, the unique and the hidden treasures in our daily lives that we might tend to take for granted. A smile. A spicy burn of a cheesy enchilada. The COLD water of Barton Springs. The storm clouds in the distant sky. The slurred words in a song. All the kinds of things we’ve learned to ignore.

One of our captured moments was with a couple we met from Scotland (aka. New Best Friends Jordan and Bethany who hung out with us for an afternoon. We had to concentrate pretty hard at times to understand their thick Scottish accent. When we talked about that, Bethany laughed and said, “And I’m even using my ‘telephone English!'”

My Telephone English. What a clever way to put that – how she is slowing down and annunciating her words in more of an American version of English. Just like we do when we talk on the phone since you can’t see the face or the lips, we tend to pronounce our words more clearly.

Telephone English. Today’s Life Hack.


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