Travel Advisory

Travel Advisory: It’s very easy to let fear keep us from traveling abroad, what with the news media reporting all kinds of horrible things that happen both here at home in the States or overseas. But my experience has been that fear makes us suspicious, untrusting and keeps us separated from each other. We’ve got to acknowledge legitimate dangers but we cannot allow that to keep us from action.

In my travels, not just this last trip I took, but in all the places I visit, I find that people are so fun, so hard working and so happy to share what they have. A fragile introduction quickly turns into a careful opening up process and the next thing you know, you discover that people all over the world are the same – friendly, happy, curious and helpful. They’re trying to deal with life just like us. Sure, there are some real jerks out there – we need to be watchful just like we are at home. But I’ve had so many good things happen over and over again that I truly believe that making connections with people, strangers or not, makes for a happy world where we can understand each other better, where we can respect each others differences and be courageous enough to LOVE each other when fear makes us want to retreat and avoid. Nope, that’s not my style. I like getting to know people.

I love making that connection. I love the adventure. I love to travel. Be careful and be safe of course, but go explore this wonderful world that God has opened up to us. It’s so rewarding!

In the photo below, I had been watching these three Spanish men at a sidewalk bar, hanging onto their table as they drank heavily, smoked and carried on a very lively conversation. Sometimes, carrying a camera around these kinds of places pisses people off and they shout or turn their backs until the ‘tourist’ goes away. They watched me carefully and I was about to move on when this lady selling lottery tickets walks up. Immediately, the guys turn her around and gesture for me to take their pictures. What looked like a rowdy bunch turned out to be the same old game – guys trying to score with the gals and the gal loving the attention. Tickled by the whole thing, I quickly focused, composed and …Click! Got it! What a fun bunch they turned out to be.

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Active writer, dancer, traveler, Christian and father, aviation enthusiast, photographer, music lover and a DJ, hiker, Harley driver and fine wine drinker. My digital photo artist page:
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2 Responses to Travel Advisory

  1. Ann says:

    Oh Wayne…..those beautiful smiles. So unbelievably cool.
    You’re soooo good.

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