My Insanity Workout

img007I enter the new year as sore as I’ve ever been. Every muscle in my body aches. My muscles  don’t want to move right – they’re tight and they hurt.  I’m sluggish and I walk like Frankenstein.

To close out the year of 2016 and keep going with my plan to lose the extra weight I’d put on over the holidays, I did the Insanity Workout yesterday, December 31st.  It’s called Insanity for a reason.

Sometime back in December, probably a week or two before Christmas, I drove across town to visit my daughter and her son (my 12 year old grandson) Maddox. It was such a nice Houston, Texas day – 70 degrees, sunny and fresh – and instead of going to the gym to workout, I figured I’d play some basketball with Maddox in the street in front of their house. By the time I got there, Maddox had gone with his cousin to watch a basketball practice, which left me without a workout partner. My daughter took the lead and said, “Lets do the Insanity Workout”.

She found the video on Vimeo and together we did our jumping jacks, squats, kicks and punches until my heart rate hit about 200 beats per minute – and that was just the 3 minute warm-up!

Holy Shit!

We both struggled to complete the frenzied 35 minute workout, taking lots of breaks and wiping the dripping sweat off of our faces but we finally made it.  For the following 3 days, I worked hard to exercise daily. I stretched and did lots of walking to keep my muscles  loose so I wouldn’t lose my flexibility and my muscles would heal.

Feeling the challenge of doing better and not being one to give up easily, I decided yesterday that I’d try the workout again, this time devoting myself to completing the workout with pure dedication to doing it right, not stopping for breaks and not slacking off.  I’m like that. I want to do things better each time.  Way back ‘when’, I used to do Step Aerobics at Bally’s gym 3 times a week, so I knew I could do this kind of thing. But today at age 63, and with tight, sore muscles I realize that that was over 20 years ago.  I haven’t come close to a workout like that in years!  I walk. I golf. I dance. I lift weights once a week. But I really don’t do an aerobic workout anymore.  I want to be trim and fit. I want to lose weight. I want to be healthy. But I certainly don’t want to have to work that hard to have all of that! That’s insanity!

My shoulders, my chest, my calfs, my sides, my thighs – oh  my gosh!!  I am so freekin’ sore!

I ache all over. Happy New Year.

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A Sacred Harbor


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Reflection Boys


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Sunday at DayForNight 2016

KASKADE performs Sunday night at DayForNight 2016

KASKADE performs Sunday night at DayForNight 2016

Sunday night, a quarter till midnight, in 33 degree weather- no one was leaving and KASKADE was killing’ it, closing out the #DayForNight weekend festival here in Houston.

Björk, Sophie, Butthole Surfers, Travis Scott, Kamasi Washington,RZA (ft. Stone Mecca), Marcel, Rami & Bachar Khalife (from Lebanon) as well as lots of visual artists offered lots of new and interesting performances.

The huge, abandoned downtown Houston Post Office facility served as the site for 4 stages, food trucks plus light and sound artists.

In spite of a few fuckups that they’ve GOT to fix (which I’ll blog about soon: Björk Digital exhibit limited who got to enter and that pissed EVERYONE off!, creature refreshment areas -LIKE WATER!, transportation, LONG LINES at food area), the event had the coolest vibe, that Underground and New Age feel and was definitely the cutting edge type of event that I want more of – the kind of event that really characterizes what Houston is – and what Houston needs and deserves. Opportunity, technology, diversity, music, innovation,cultural celebration, fashion, a good groove and art.

Gimmie some more!

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Light Exhibit

Light Exhibit. DayForNight Fest. Houston, Texas

Light Exhibit. DayForNight Fest. Houston, Texas

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Courtyard Calculations


Taken with iPhone5
Additional content from Tangie Baxter and Teddi Rutschman/FoxeySquirrel.

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